I love using the treadmill to improve my running skills when its too hot or rainy outside, and an easy warm up/cool down before other exercise. But when working on cardiovascular training I do find it painful to force myself to stay on that treadmill and not get off out of boredom. The movement of walking, jogging and running comes so naturally that its easy to lose focus and instead focus on how tiring/painful it is! At least when you are running out doors there is more to look at.

I often run intervals on the treadmill to work on developing speed and being able to endure going faster for longer, but I tend to wear myself out too fast to keep going for a full 20-30 min.

I tried out a Fartlek system today and found that having a set pattern to follow really helped me. I stayed on the treadmill for 35 min (including a short warm up and cool down).

Farlek I have been told means “speed play” and really is just about randomly adding intervals of faster speeds. I followed this pattern I got from a magazine:

2 – 3 – 4 – 3 – 2 

After a warm up run for two minutes, jog/walk for two minutes, run for three minutes, jog/walk for three minutes, run for four minutes, jog/walk for four minutes and then back down followed by a cool down.

It’s very effective, boy do those 4 minutes run go on forever, but luckily the four minute jog/walk is pleanty to recover for the second round.



 Haha I know this picture definitely applies to some people!  Although the majority of the time I’m at the gym the people next to me are just walking on the treadmill not running so there’s isn’t any point in even pretending its a race. :p

I have nothing against people speed walking on the treadmill, especially if using the incline. But please don’t waste your gym session holding on to the handles that’s cheating!