Raw Rose Pomegranate Dream Cake


 About a year ago I was very fortunate to come across Fragrant Vanilla Cake’s blog.  Now I no longer have to look anywhere else whenever it is time to make a cake,  each birthday celebration I will chose another one of hers to make. I have never  seen another blog that has such beautifully decorated raw cakes, or such amazing  combinations of flavours. I guarantee there will be something there you will like.

 Usually I would go for something chocolaty, but on this occasion (my father’s  birthday) it was just after Easter and I had already been stuffing myself with  homemade vegan easter eggs. So I chose the Raw Rose Pomegranate Dream  Cake http://fragrantvanillacake.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/raw-rose-pomegranate-dream-cake.html. 

 This beautiful cake get’s it’s colour from a cup of beetroot, but you can’t taste the  beetroot at all. The predominant flavours are fresh coconut (from the meat of  young coconuts), and rose (from rosewater). Cardamom in the base compliments  the rose and coconut perfectly, and fresh pomegranate adds a contrasting zing  adding depth of flavour.  The texture of the cake came out quite soft only just holding together. If you want a more firm cake you may need to add more coconut butter or keep it stored in the freezer (though keep in mind this will change the colour of the pomegranate seeds).


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