Ultra Fitness Challenge

How fit are you? Here’s another test I am going to have to try out and will be blogging my results soon! For now I’m putting it here for safekeeping!

This one is taken from Ultra Fitness Magazine Feb/March 2013.

Why do it?

According to Jenny Stamos Kovacs  “A body that can meet all five challenges with ease could someday have the strength and power to save your life – or at least, help you out of a tight situation.” That is certainly motivation for me.



A chin up is considered one of the most valuable measure of upper-body strength and muscular endurance. (A pull up is with the palms facing away from you instead of towards you and is considered by many to be even more difficult). You will find that so many people, men in particular obsess over their ability to push weight and focus on how much they can bench press etc, but they can’t match this ability on the chin-up bar (or with push-ups either sometimes .


Hands shoulder width apart, palms facing you. Bring yourself up until your chin clears the bar and make sure at the end of each rep that your elbows are fully extended. If you stay in this end position for more than three seconds without moving your body upwards you must end the test. Excessive swinging of the hips will also disqualify you.


Out of shape: no reps

Average: Three to six reps

Fit: seven to 10 reps

Ultrafit: More than 10 reps

2. Push-Ups 


Excellent test for muscle endurance and a very functional exercise that mimics moves in everyday life.


Out of shape: less than 20 reps

Average: 20 to 34 reps

Fit: 35 to 49 reps

Ultrafit: more than 49 reps

3. The Vertical Jump 


The vertical jump is a true test of short-term explosive power, showing how much power you have packed into the muscles of your lower body. Of particular interest this test can also be used to determine if your training is progressing or if you should be resting your muscles for longer in-between workouts. It is recommended that before a workout you measure your vertical-=jump test status and if it id down by fiver percent from your best jump, take some extra time to recover.


Stand against a wall on a flat surface. Reach up as high as you can marking this point with some chalk (“Standing reach”). Dip down quickly until your thighs are roughly parallel to the ground (don’t pause in this position or it cuts down the power) and then explode up as high as you can, marking your highest point. You get three chances. Measure the space between your standing reach and your highest mark.


Out of shape: less than 400mm

Average: 400mm to 500mm

Fit: 501 mm to 700mm

Ultrafit: more than 700mm

4. Single-Leg Squat


Apart from measuring lower body strength this exercise measures balance and control as well as testing if both legs are equally strong.


Male sure you go down so your butt is in line with the bench. (Weights not needed).


Out of Shape: Less than two reps

Average: Two to five reps

Fit: Six to 10 reps

Ultrafit: More than 10 reps

5. The one-mile challenge 

Brendan Brazier Vegan Athlete


This challenge measures your endurance and your body’s ability   to generate energy using oxygen. Aerobic endurance can be seen as the foundation for all other aspects of fitness.


Go to a track/path you know to be one mile (1.6 km) set your timer and take off.


Out of shape: 10 minutes

Average: less than eight minutes

Fit: Less than seven minutes

Ultrafit: Less than six minutes

Go on and give it a go for yourself! and don’t be afraid to let me know how you did?