Awesome quick skipping workout!

 Skipping is one of my favourite  ways to add a cardio burst between exercises. It is great for really working the calve muscles and even the biceps and shoulders from holding the rope and making little circles as you spin the rope. To skip the most efficiently keep the feet close together, land lightly on the balls of the feet, keep the upperbody relaxed as possible, with the elbows kept close to the body. 

The skipping rope is one of the most light weight easiest pieces of equipment to carry around and can give a killer workout! Below is one I have been doing lately with my group personal training classes:

The skipping/pushup pyramid 

10 skips (turns of the rope)/ 1 pushup

20 skips/ 2 pushups

30 skips/ 3 pushups

40 skips/ 4 pushups

50 skips/ 5 pushups

60 skips / 6 pushups

70 skips / 7 pushups

80 skips / 8 pushups

90 skips/ 9 pushups

100 skips/ 10 pushups


How long did it take you? If you get 10 min or under you are doing good.  If you want to make it a 15-20 min workout go back down the ladder or add more pushups if you have the upper body strength. 

But let me remind you that the workout above equates to: 55 pushups and 550 skips! Not bad for 10 min of work 🙂 

Leave a comment below if you try this with your time, and I would also be keen to know hr/calories burned if anyone has something that measures that. 






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