The Mind-Body Harmonisation of Physical Exercise or Why Exercise is like Meditation


Physical exercise is so much more than just attempting to look good.  It’s not something necessary for ONLY some people nor should it be about being vain. Yes’s it is about losing weight if you need to for health, sometimes it is about rehabilitation after injuries, but much much more than that working out is about discovering your INNER STRENGTH, developing COURAGE, WILL POWER, SELF DISCIPLINE and DETERMINATION.

Working out teaches you to take the time for yourself and realise your SELF WORTH, the importance, benefits and the amazing results that come from looking after yourself.

The mind that was once the enemy, at first resisting everything, saying you’re not strong enough, fit enough, that you can’t do it, with practice because a powerful ally, connecting to the body in a harmonising union that not only teaches you how to power through the tough times in your workout but likewise builds strength to get through anything life throws at you.

It is not enough to do a workout a one or two times a week or just on the weekends, we must make being active a part of our everyday lives, till it becomes so natural that we don’t even question it. In a world filled with desk jobs, and couch potatoes it is my wish that everyone could make regular exercise such a normal occurrence in their lives that they too can experience the life altering benefits of increased strength, stamina and endurance to both mind and body and live their lives as we are all meant to full of ENERGY ❤

As with all things nothing worth having comes easily. Too many people give up in the early stages saying it is just too hard. But if they just stuck with it, the results are so beautiful and it is so much more than just being physical healthy but about a different outlook on life, a different mindset.

Go for gold! Discover yourselves, amaze yourselves because each and everyone has SO much untapped potential inside them if only they are brave enough to dig deep and bring it out!

In meditation we calm our mind so we can connect with our higher selves. So to with exercise we can learn to reach for something deeper and connect with that source, find out who we really are and who we want to be.

4 thoughts on “The Mind-Body Harmonisation of Physical Exercise or Why Exercise is like Meditation

  1. This is a great post. We should all believe in ourselves and make a step to becoming healthy. I recently just started working out and at first it was rough. But now it is my release from everything going on and helps me clear my mind. I even blogged about how I am even addicted to fitness now. Keep up the great writing and never stop pushing.

    • Thank you! I’m glad that you liked my post and It is awesome to hear you to have gone through the tough start and reached that place where exercise becomes a release and mind-clearer 🙂

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