The Fireman Challenge and Roxanne warm-up

One of the practicals we had to do in class a few weeks ago was “The Fireman Challenge”. It consisted of a series of exercises. You had to perform them each for one minute, count how many you could do and award yourself points based on a points system, rest for one minute and then straight onto the next one.

We warmed up first to the song “Roxanne.” Every time the singers sang the name “Roxanne” we had to do a certain move such as a pushup, a burpee or a squat.

Then we got straight into it here is the list of exercises and the point system in brackets:

Squat Press 

Less than 10 (0 points), 10-15 (1 point), 16-22 (2 points), 24+ (3 points)

Box Jump 

Less than 20 (0 points), 20-30 (1 point), 31-44 (2 points), 46+ (3 points)

Russian Get Up 

Less than 6 (0 points), 6-10 (1 point), 11-15 (2 points), 17+ (3 points)

Chest to Bar 

Less than 16 (0 points), 16-22 (1 point), 23-38 (2 points) 39+ (3 points)

Jump Over 

Less than 60 (0 points) 60-70 (1 point), 71-85 (2 points), 86+ (3 points)


Less than 10 (0 points) 10-13 (1 point), 14-18 (2 points) 19+ (3 points)

Ball Twist 

Less than 25 (0 points), 25-35 (1 point), 36-50 (2 points) 51+ (3 points)

V-Sit Up

Less than 15 (0 points), 15-25 (1 point), 26-35 (2 points) 36+ (3 points)

Push Up 

Less than 20 (0 points) 20-30 (1 point) 31-45 (2 points) 46+ (3 points)

Bent Pull

Less than 25 (0 points), 25-35 (1 point), 36-45 (2 points) 46+ (3 points)

Jump Lunge 

Less than 25 (0 points), 25-40 (1 point) 41-60 (2 points) 61+ (3 points)

Body Weight Squat

Less than 25 (0 points) 25-40 (1 point) 41-60 (2 points) 61+ (3 points)

Sit up and Stand (holding weight overhead) 

Less than 15 (0 points) 15-25 (1 point), 26-35 (2 points), 36+ (3 points)


And here are the results to measure yourself against:

10-19 = Princess

20-28 = Average 

29-35 = Good

36-39 = Fireman 

I did “Average” with 25 points) Maybe not that great for someone who is training to become a PT but in all fairness the majority of the class was also in this area, with just a handful in the Good category and no one got the award of fireman!

I think I could have definitely scored quite a bit higher if: 1. it wasn’t 8:30 at night when we had to do this (without warning too) and 2. i hadn’t already worked out hard that morning. In addition I am not sure about the various weights and modifications (eg. pushup on knees (I did full) or hight of box in box jumps) and the rules that apply. In the sit up and stand we were all expected to do this move with a 10kg plate which was really hard for me.

All in all though this was a killer cardio workout. There were some new moves that I don’t do much and the fast pace of it also resulted in major DOMS….the next morning I woke up i felt I couldn’t move at all! Its been a while since I’ve felt that sore, but it’s a good thing! I am looking forward to attempting this challenge again later on in the year!


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